Petra Vidova C.E.O Golden Agency working with the most big companies on international and national level
Golden Agency is top specialist for V.I.P. advertising, for provision and coaching hostess and hostesses for every affairs:

On your travels you are available:
Limousine, sport car or private jet, helicopter or yacht

Transfer from the airport to welcome

The driver and hostess are waiting you and your clients at the airport
to welcome you and transported to your designated location in the
vehicle with a very high level of comfort.
In the vehicle you have prepare drinks, bonbons, magazines,
newspapers, and also small welcoming present.

Your professional and business trips

Our limousines will ensure optimum comfort for your business
meetings. Our drivers are at your disposal to accompany you
n business trips, including conventions, conferences,
seminars, exhibitions, etc....

Chauffeur service for parking cars

Job parking car driver to play an important role in the perception of
the quality of the event: this is the first and last person who is in
direct contact with your customers or guests. Our drivers parkirng for
their welcome and immediately remove any burden of parking. This
service allows you to increase your prestige event, giving you the
competitive advantage that improves the quality of welcome.

Park of vehicles:

Bentley Continental Spur for 4 person
Rolls Royce Phamtom for 4 person
Mercedes Class S 350 new model for 3-4 person
Mercedes Class S 500 new model for 3-4 person
Stretch Lincoln for 8-9 person

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