Petra Vidova C.E.O Golden Agency working with the most big companies on international and national level
Golden Agency is top specialist for V.I.P. advertising, for provision and coaching hostess and hostesses for every affairs:

Models for advertisement, catalogs,
advertisement lyers, outdoors and
indoors campaign. People for ad and
video, dancersor singers. Moderators
for VIP event.We choice for you our
experienced and professional models
for offer good-class services.

Marketing The V.I.P. Agency GOLDEN

your goals and resources to advise you
of acts to be put into practice, taking care
during the entire operation to ensure that
we always respond to the expectations
of target: from strategic thinking to the
introduction of the annual calendar
through the design and manufacture
of devices for sales promotion
(Websites, media marketing)

Business Promotion

promotion events and campaigns,
to the visibility of the product, the
achievement, let him try, try and
directly stimulate the consumer
to buy it, it is our goal!

With our team of promotional
events, we offer the following
management actions: tastings,
promotions, product
demonstrations point of sale
advertising, planning,
monitoring and feedback
of end users.


Petra Vidova is unusual, original and creative methods to
cause a stir and your brand visibility: Celebrity or convene
actors and also all the French Riviera

Street Marketing:

Excellent means of communication in urban environments,
mainly used for placing products on the market or to expand
alternative reports, street-marketing in various forms:
giving out stickers, flyers, tools, samples, or promotions that
are closer to organizing major events.

Such as the mechanism of watches, every moment of
thought, collected and organized by
Petra Vidova mistress hands.

Our goal:
to relieve you
from all the worries
associated with organizing team.

Petra Vidova Golden Agency will make available
their professional teams, which were carefully selected
according to your needs and demands.
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